The 6th and 7th of May I will be in Berlin attending the Re:publica 13 conference. Yay. It will be my first time there. But just looking at the location, I think it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

republica location

republica location

This year Re:publica 13  will be dealing with the digital society IN/SIDE/OUT. The 3 day program contains speakers from The Open Knowledge Foundation, Google, Cyborg Foundation, MIT Media Lab and so much more that I’m already exhausted just thinking of it.

I just saw that they aim to create the world’s fastest e-book. Digital journalists and German journalist students will cover the top themes and produce the e-book in a specific news-room on site. The e-book will the following day be available for download. I really look forward to see how well this will be conducted; at least my expectations are high.

Normally I spend much time at my desk in front of my computer, and therefore I indeed appreciate such occasions to escape the office and get a much needed fix of digital inspiration. In addition to the kick-ass line-up of speakers I also look much forward to meet a bunch of random bloggers, geeks and just passionate people. I will be blogging from there as well, and share as much I can. Give me a shout here, or on Twitter if you would like to meet up. Let me also suggest that you follow #rp13