I must say that his amazing conference offered great inspiration.

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The most mind blowing was a speak about ‘Cyborgs’,  Neil Harbisson who is a so called  visual artist and founder of the Cyborg Foundation talked about his life as a cyborg and about how he hear colors. According to Wikipedia a cyborg is: A cyborg, short for “cybernetic organism”, is a being with both organic and cybernetic parts. Neil Harbisson has due to his colorblindness installed a senser that transform colours into sound. Neil is  the first person ever officially recognized as a cyborg. It allows him to wear his so called neurogadget at all times because it is consideres as an extended part of his body.

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Everywhere at the conference you could find places, people, speakers that encouraged you to express your opinion. Some of the best performances were also those with great discussions afterwards because here everyone had a chance to elaborate on the topic.

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Re:publica had a magazine that were handed out to all the participants, unfortunately it is written in German, but the graphic illustrations were amazing.

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You can read more here.
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