This week I started taking classes again, and I heard my self, saying that I had some homework to do. It is actually more than 3 years since I graduated from Roskilde University, and it feels great to dig into this world again, and being enrolled in a class. Earlier I blogged about that I had signed up for a free e-learning course at Michigan University, called “Internet History, Technology, and Security”.  So I just wanted to share a couple of amazing things that we came across ‘inside the internet’.

In the very first week, we went a few years back in time and looked at how it ‘all began’. So it all basically took off in the forties in Europe. Espcially during the Second World War a lot of innovation were taking place, and here a mechanical computer called ‘Bombe’ were developed, and it was followed by the world’s first electronic computer named ‘Colossus’. These huge and impressive machines were used by the British to decode German commands that were given to the German army.

You should watch two minutes of this film below,it was produced by Michigan University in 1969, to show how the Michigan Terminal System works. I’m slightly amazed about the complexity of this OS , however it must have been fascinating to use this tele-type as early as in 1969!