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Photos by Sara Kring

2013-06-06 18.01.09

My own photo.


On June 6th I attended a networking event held by Ladies First at The Hub in Copenhagen. Great place and amazing ladies.

At this event Sussi Bianco shared 10 great tips about networking: (I translated them)

1 Make sure to tell the world what you know

2 Have a goal and make it visible – then people can act upon it

3 Ask your network for information and recommendations

4 Stay curious

5 Remember to both listen to and share knowledge within in your network

6 Recommend people and connect them with others in your network

7 Make it simple – set 3 goals and fulfill them when you are networking

8 Seek inspiration from others – ask them how they network

9 be creative when it comes to opportunities to network

10 show up and follow up