I had the pleasure to visit beautiful Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in June and July 2013. I’ve spend almost 3 weeks on this spectacular island. And I’m sure that I’ll come back for more, one day.

We flew out to Colombo, the biggest city with around 2,3 million habitants. And on our way to the hotel we jumped right into the deadly traffic and had the usual chock. After 2 hours through heavy traffic we arrived at an old colonial hotel in nice and calm surroundings just down on the beach.

In June it is the rainy season in Colombo, so we had the pleasure of almost 20 hours of heavy rain. Wuha!

2013-06-26 07.56.25

2013-06-25 12.42.45

2013-06-26 08.28.40


We escaped the rain, and after another 3 hours on the road with our Driver Hema, we arrived in Kitulgala, at Kulani River. Nature was stunning. We styed for one night in a camp, and did some river rafting ( not super action packed). But I enjoyed sliding down the streams, and the confidence jumps.

2013-06-26 12.31.51 2013-06-26 17.30.13 2013-06-27 06.49.09 2013-06-27 12.05.50

It took us 3 hours by car to Nuwara Ellia, such a scenic route through the luxuriant landscape. In late June it was rather cold up there in the mountains.

2013-06-27 15.19.12 2013-06-28 10.44.48 2013-06-28 15.07.34

Early in the morning we got picked up by a driver, and how took us to Horton Plains National Park, heading to the World’s End. The second highest mountain in Sri Lanka, 2395 m. The view is best between 06 and 10 in the morning, and we arrived at the top just before the clouds came! And beautiful it was!

2013-06-29 08.07.34 2013-06-29 08.14.44 2013-06-29 08.37.12 2013-06-29 08.41.41 2013-06-29 08.52.02

We took the train from Pattipola to Ella. The train was only 3 hours delayed, and there were only seats left on 3rd class. Ticket price 50 Cents. The cheapest and most stunning thing we did on the whole trip. Don’t miss it if you go there.

2013-06-29 11.50.16 2013-06-29 13.18.49 2013-06-29 13.30.16 2013-06-29 13.56.49 2013-06-29 14.34.26 2013-06-29 15.03.50

We stayed in Kirinda and got picked up at 5 in the morning, the Safari was on! I had hoped to see a leopard, but we weren’t fortunate enough. The safari was all right, but I’m sure there are better places in the world for that. I also learned that it is hard to take pictures of the wildlife.

2013-06-30 06.10.48 2013-06-30 08.45.52 2013-06-30 09.18.00 2013-06-30 09.28.08

From the national park to the beach. Ohh yes, Yet anothe great place. A place where you can surf and eat lobbster.

2013-07-01 16.48.54 2013-07-03 16.32.58 2013-07-04 15.30.06 2013-07-05 10.35.09 2013-07-05 17.20.22 2013-07-05 17.22.29 2013-07-08 12.58.50