I’m searching for outdoor and travel related apps for my coming trip around the world. You have probably seen 100’s of lists of different apps for different purposes and those lists are always a good source to inspiration, but I doubt that they all have been tested properly or even tested at all. So I decided that I’ll gather a list of useful apps and test them.  However I need help to make the list. I’ll aim to gather around 30-50 apps that I can test during my trip. It doesn’t matter whether they run on iOS or Android (I’m loaded with gadgets!), but I’ll prioritize free or cheap ones. My initial list looks like this, but please feel free to add, and also ones within the same category. Thanks a billion!

Google Translate
Wi-Fi Finder
WhatsAppSkype and G-Hangout
Postagram, Riktiga Vykort ( here I’ll need to ask my Grandmother if it works, I’ve  promised her a postcard each second week)
Phöne Tracker
Rome 2 Rio



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