Of course, my backpack was filled with gadgets and other electronics! Here are a few lines about the gadgets and apps that I’ve been most excited about for the last seven months around the world.

20140804-104820.jpgCanon PowerShot G15
A good camera is undoubtedly a must and when traveling alone it’s your best witness of all the amazing and sometimes syrealistiske things you’re going to experience. My Canon compact camera has been a faithful wingman, which I believe takes really sharp images even when the sun is not shining or when it has already gone to bed a long time ago! Specs can be googled. See some of the photos that I’ve taken.

Samsung Galaxy S4
When I got this smartphone in my hand more than half a year ago, I instantly liked it. As a travel phone, it has been a pleasure! Simply because the S4 snaps really good pictures, maintains super good connection to wifi and has a long battery life – 3 critical things when you have appointed yourself to be a professional backpacker!

Of course there are also things that are not a true fiesta – such as all sorts of unnecessary features as air view, eye-scroll and smart-break, it drove me insane and I quickly disabled these features. Simplicity is a traveler’s virtue!

Kindle Paperwhite
Hooray for e-readers! If you are going on vacation and do not already own such thing, I think that you really just need to get one clicked into your shopping cart. It only weighs 222 grams, and you can easily shuffle between several books (for me, that is a very important feature). I’m also a big fan of the extra features you get, such as dictionary and the ability to highlighting interesting sections that you can return to later – this feature I especially used in the Lonely Planet of South America, as it ‘counts of’ more than 700 pages!

Double jack
Double fun. This is clearly the best backpacker trick for watching movies and listening to music together with someone. It’s a great success every time it’s pulled out of the bag – just excellent that you can plug-in two headsets into one device.

Power Bank
Extra power for my gadgets is undoubtedly the reason why I have survived this trip without permanent injury and not felt too isolated from the outside world. It has really been handy when you arrive in a new country and just didn’t buy an adapter or when the bus trip takes 25 hours instead of 10! There are innumerable variants and models on the market – size and performance was most important to me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
No adventure without a tablet! Most travelers I have met along the way, and who have traveled for a long time all had a laptop, but for me a tablet was just fine! I have primarily used it to write on, editing photos and watching movies! What more do you as a traveler need?! It is clear that it does not completely replace a computer in an everyday and work purpose, but for me, the practical size/weight combined with my limited needs – was perfect.

Gadgets are not very useful without apps. I tested an incredible variety and numbers of apps the last 7 months, and some more entertaining and useful than others. The conclusion is that, apps that have offline functionalities are much more useful because you just never know when the next WiFi spot shows up.

Travel App Box
Despite the less flattering design, I have actually used this app a lot, and particularly because of its offline maps, but also fun features such as altimeter for hiking in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia (highest point so far 5230 meters), games that elegantly has been used on festive and alcohol rich occasions.

Before I left Copenhagen in late December last year, I had an ambition to learn Spanish, I can also reveal now that it is not the case. But I’ve picked up some words and phrases along the way, and Duolingo has also done its best to ensure that I have come more or less directly from A to B, got a place to sleep and a cold beer with my meal.

No trip without Instagram – but I’ve actually used it a lot to do research on hostels, destinations and activities. Through various # I managed to connect with instagrammers who have already visited the same places and through that plan my next destination.

I can also mention apps like WhatsApp, Flickr, Camera+, Afterlight, Moves, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, EverPlaces, Google Translate, Foursquare, SnapChat, TripAdvisor, wifi finder, and Pocket.

*S4 and Tab 3 was a courtesy of Samsung Denmark.