Along my travels I collected some dos and don’ts and just wanted to share them, because it’s basically a wrap up of what I’ve learned the last seven months!


Go to Antarctica – also if it kills your budget. Just do it.
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Sleep on the beach – the stars are incredible and the breeze ensures a good night’s sleep.
sleep on the beach


Jump on random busses – in every major city you will always end up somewhere sweet.
random busses


Go for a meal where the locals eat – you can always go somewhere else afterwards if you didn’t liked it.
eat local


Read some of Pablo Neruda’s poems – and fall in love with Chile.


Learn to crack your own coconuts – the satisfaction of drinking and eating such is just epic.


Go to San Pedro Prison in La Paz, Bolivia – wait outside until a batch of cocaine is thrown out from the roof, and then read ‘Marching Powder’ by Rust Young.
la paz


Wait at the juice stand and take a couple of sips – they are most likely going to top it up for you.


Don’t eat seafood on Mondays – fishermen are always off on Sundays.
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Please don’t plan to much – least expected things are always the most amazing ones.

Just don’t relay too much on Lonely Planet – take recommendations from fellow travelers. They know what they’re talking about.
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Don’t take Spanish classes in Buenos Aires – the dialect is too wired and the rest of Latin American won’t understand you.
buenos aires


Don’t go to Easter Island without an Easter bunny made of chocolate, it makes sense when you get there. Trust me.
easter island