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For 3 days you only drive on dirt roads, you only see few locals but a whole bunch of other tourists, you don’t shower for 3 days, but Salar de Uyuni is indeed a superb nature experience. Don’t miss it for anything in the world if you are in the ‘area’.

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The dessert and the salt flats in Bolivia are amazing pieces of nature! It’s actually the biggest in the world.  And you cannot really comprehend what’s going on out there before you put your own feet on the crunching salt surface.

I’ve spend 4 days there driving around and at all times the sky was so incredible blue, and at night the stars shined so bright, and the landscape had 100′s of different colors of which changed all the time. I just sat in the car and I was spellbound the whole time. I of course took a hell lot of pictures, just because the light, reflections, the scenery and everything was just pure eye candy to my camera.

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Despite the other tourists you get a feeling of being very, very far away from any civilization, and it is only you, the nature and the driver! And you just have to trust that they know what they are doing!

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Here are some quick tips for when booking a trip to Salar de Uyuni: Ask for as many details about the itinerary as you can and the more they can tell the more reliable they are. Meet the driver and check his English skills, inspect the car, talk to the crew. Bring music for the car, warm clothes and a headlamp and expect to get either carsick or fell dizzy due to the altitudes.

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