I attended #komfosummit and there was one little tiny thing that inspired me. This man mentioned that little thing.


David Schneider had a kick ass keynote about twitter – very entertaining! He showcased tons of great tweets and campaigns and all they had in common was timing, timing and humour. However he said one very interesting thing that I want to elaborate a little further on. He mentioned a WhatsApp group he had with a client where they quickly could get things approved and then move ahead! Very interesting actually!

This little thing made me think that we as consultants navigating in the digital world, we need to challenge our clients on being agile and quick – not within-office-hours-quick but quicker! Because we need to help them stay relevant, and relevance means being out there when things are going down – every second and every minute. Especially when it comes to doing things online – there’s not really anything new here and within the field of crisis communication these methods are already default. However I just realised that we need to adopt this speed into our day to day digital strategy! I have never made a WhatsApp group with a client in order for them to respond within seconds, but I would definitely consider it, because we need to move even faster also on a business as usual kind of day!

Thanks for the inspiration – follow Mr. Schneider on twitter @davidschneider
Check out the Komfo Social Summit . I’m looking forward to see what they’ll present next year. Rock on!