WUHA! Just got a ticket for my next big journey – this time I’m going by bike and the destination is not very far – it’s actually just 5 kilometres from where I live – more specific in Valby! But the place where I’m going to hang out is beyond what any travel agency can offer – more or less. The thing is that, Lundbeck has invited me onboard on their digital team, and I’m joining forces with them as a Digital Interaction Business Partner – (gotta love long titles) but it’s actually just another word for hey-let’s-make- a-revolution-in the-pharma-industry-and-let-the-disruption-begin.

In other words, I fell very privileged that Lundbeck has offered me this great opportunity and I simply can’t wait to spend time with inspiring and highly skilled people.

Let’s get this thing fired up and take it somewhere far

#stinesadventure #part2

This picture was taken in Panama at Bocas Del Toro in June this year! Perhaps it was a sign back then!