Galapagos has for many years been my absolute favourite place I’ve travelled to, (only surpassed by Antarctica) and there are so many reasons why this is an experience of a life time.

When preparing for the trip you realise there are so many islands to visit, each very different from the others, cruises to go on, endemic animals to see, and not to mention diving and snorkelling options! I have in this post highlighted some of my greatest experiences during my two week stay there.

Scuba Diving at San Cristóbal Island
We arrived a couple of days before our planned cruise at San Cristobal and that gave us time to explore at least one of the eight islands of Galapagos a little further. We hocked up with a diving centre, and they took us out to some great spots. I guess it’s not hard to find amazing dive spots here, the diversity of the marine life is simply making this a paradise for divers. I can only agree on this, it is absolutely astonishing and there’s no excuse not to do this.



The gigantic tortoises Turtles
When we went there, the legendary “Lonesome Geroge” was still alive and it was my first encounter with such animals, later at our stay we went out with a local who took us searching for those living in the wild – and OH-MY that experience was even more exhilarating! Those giants out there, I have never seen anything like that before. Actually they are the biggest ones in the world, and the island is named after them too.



The Sea Lions
I have seen those cute ones before, hundreds of times – but I never been so close to them, and I have never played with them in the water while snorkelling, again I felt so privileged that nature could come so close to me and them not being bothered by my presence. I honestly think this is one of the fewest places in the world you can go to experience this (also Antarctica of course).




Perfect place for wildlife photography
Since you can get so incredible close to the wildlife both in the sea and on land, and the fact there are so many endemic species – this makes Galapagos a very unique place for your travel footage. The Marine Iguanas, the Waved Albatross, Blue Footed Boobies, Tortoises, Flamingoes, The Galapagos Penguin and the Rainbow coloured crabs – just to mention some!



You can see some of my photos on my Flickr profile

If you consider going to keep in mind it can be rather expensive. Therefore I suggest you take a look at this blog post from some fellow travellers I’ve met in Argentina 2014 they have explored who you can go there on a budget.