I arrived in Tokyo just in time for the famous SAKURA to show it’s power and I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of these cherry trees. But it was not only the trees, it was also all the Japanese people that was going nuts about this – and combining these two things you get something very special. And I’m excited that I got to experience this.


Forgetting the unforgettable cherry trees for a moment – I must admit that Tokyo in itself is such a divine city. In my mind NYC has always been a place where you would go to seek the hipsters,  crazy urban life, street fashion and have amazing food. But then I went to Japan and I changed my mind, Tokyo is the number 1 place to find such – actually just ten times more amazing than NYC. I can’t understand why no one hasn’t tried to convince me to go visit before, I actually feel that I have be blind or ignorant the whole time – why didn’t anybody force me to go to Tokyo!


Even the skyline surpasses anything that I have seen before, and it just continues on into the horizon. Another thing that strikes me about Tokyo is the level of quality, efficiency and friendliness.

I have now travelled to more than 45 countries and I have never been a place where all these 3 things came together so beautifully. It’s difficult to put words on such, and I can only encourage you to go experience this on your own.

Strange enough I think that Japan is so different from the rest of Asia, they way they behave, how aware they are of quality and also that honesty is something they put above everything else. I’m sure that the resent 50 years of economical growth has had its positive influence on this, however it’s just so remarkable.




Oh well, now I’ve been here, and I’m counting the days until I’ll  get a change to go back again – hopefully I’ll then have time to visit more of Japan.

A little inspiration for great places to go in Tokyo

Fuglen Tokyo
Tapas Molecular Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Osteria Bar – Ri.Carica
Tight – Bar