Samsø is a small island located in Kattegat, the island is 100% CO2 neutral and focuses a lot on renewable energy and organic farming. The most famous products from Samsø are their potatoes and strawberries which I buy every year when season starts. I recently went to Samsø for a long weekend – here’s how it looked like.

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You can take the ferry from either Jutland or Sealand and it only takes around an hour to cross and luckily the sea was very calm when we crossed – and you can actually be fortunate to see Harbour Porpoise ( on of the smallest kind of whales in the world) we saw at least 5 – however they were so small so I didn’t manage to get a proper picture of them.

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At samsø we stayed in a village called Pillemark – the attraction of this place was the local vegtable/fruit stand – these stands are characterised by being unmanned and it’s self-service only. You have to leave your money in a little cashbox – and yes you can easily steal stuff – but nobody does that and this is actually exactly what I find very fascinating. A lot of foreigners think this is a very wired thing that the stand owners actually trust their customers so much and it’s fine for them to take what ever they want and further leave the right amount of money. Gotta love it.


Samsø offers many things and activities for tourists that I won’t cover here but I want to highlight two things – restaurants and crafts. In general the island offers a lot of great restaurants that really benefits from all the local organic farms. We had lunch at SAK, and the menu very much reflected what’s available on the island right now. It’s fish/meat and locally grown vegetables. At SAK we tried the steak tatar, and the mussels it was tasty and fresh but yet simple.



For dinner we went to Vadstrup 1771, a very historical place beautifully surrounded by golden cornfields. Again a very simple concept based on few ,but local ingredients – the highlight was indeed the dessert – Peach Melba with salty caramel and vanilla creme.





At Vadstrup 1771 Christel Thue has her ceramic studio, and we met up with her to buy some of her beautiful ceramic plates that she made while staying on Samsø. You can see much more of her unique work on her Instagram profile and she also just opened a webshop.


ceramic plates

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