There’s no such thing as being super excited about going to a conference… Actually, I attend a few conferences throughout the year, but some how this one seems to tricker my inner digital geek.

In pure excitement I have plowed through the Web Summit Programme and here’s the keynotes that I’ve in particular find interesting and why:

Read all about it: the future of print
In my time as a consultant we discussed this topic over and over again and we’ve tried to come up with an answer. We’re certain that print is going through some massive changes but I still think this area aren’t going through a revolution but we’re just part of an evolution of the media landscape in general – print will survive just not in the format that we are used to. Video didn’t kill the radio star, right! ( another keynote is elaborating of the future of books: “Digital Literature and the future of books” – might be interesting too)

Where’s social content going…
Indeed a very good question, every day I deal with content marketing and social data and putting these two things together is not new so I’m excited to see what they want to share.

Digital is the new normal
Sounds like something I’m preaching everyday, and for the audience attending the web summit it must be familiar too. What’s interesting here is how will we make the rest of our surroundings understand and adapt accordingly?

Having fun, doing good, changing the world
Oh yes, that’s why I get out of bed every morning, to me this sentence is essential to some of the mechanisms driving change in general. I hope this talk will share thoughts on how ( and not so much on the why).

The age of user-generated storytelling
I wish, that soon all the digital interactions that I’m part of creating will be based on what my audience have expressed a need for and that every interaction will be customised towards their needs. This is important because we must as content creators stay relevant and create best practice for digital engagement.

Design and UX for health and wellness
Does this area need it’s own UX methods? I’m not sure but I’m curios to hear if it’s the case. To me UX and design is crucial  no matter what professional area you’re operating in but perhaps they have some healthy insights that I can learn from…

I believe that a great deal of future awesomeness is going to have some kind of digital and social footprint, and therefore I also look very much forward to get inspired, learn something new, meet kick-ass people and bring home a lot of stuff I can use in my daily work. Let the best tech conference on the planet begin ( according to the Web Summit itself)!