I would suggest you look into Angkor Wat in Cambodia…! If you haven’t yet been to Siam Riep in Cambodia, I highly recommend you go there and spend a couple of days at the mesmerising temple complex.The history of this landmark is long and complex, and to me it was actually fine to go discover it without too much studying on beforehand. Well, I mean the more prepared you can be the better, but it won’t prevent the adventurous feeling from kicking in. However a lot of literature, guide books, and online resources can easily be found and looked into before entering the temples: Here are some resources that I’ve used:

Wikipedia: Angkor Wat
BBC Article: Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city
National Geographic: Divining Angkor

In particular I was amazed by the high level of details in every single stone of all the temples – standing and looking at something from a distance – and suddenly faces would appear in front of our eyes. And so does the wired discoveries continues through out the whole visit.Be aware that this is one of the most visited attractions in Combadia, and crowds of tourists can be very hard to avoid.

Unfortunalty I had my camera stolen and not many of my own pictures remain from here the quality is neither very good, but here are some:

2012-07-22 09.48.32


2012-07-22 10.03.31

2012-07-22 11.39.00

2012-07-22 11.55.51

2012-07-22 11.56.47

2012-07-22 12.10.57-2


I’ll recommend you go check out Steve McCurry and his amazing collection from the temples.