Photo by Ed Schipul

There’s a first time for everything and for me this is my very first SXSW Interaction conference! This, by default also means I’m super excited and perhaps a little nervous too. While trying to cope with all this excitement, I’ve spend some time to prepare accordingly and going through the program, workshops, endless schedules, the magazine, looong list of parties and things of what not. So, here’s a little snap shot of what’s on my list for now and hopefully I might have done some of the hard work for you!

New World of Photography and Visual Storytelling
To me the art of visualising and being creative around content creation is a very important skill – get something that catches that short attention span! I’ve btw also followed Joel Sartore on Instagram for a while and he’ll be presenting at this event.

Celebrate the Process of Getting Things Done!
I’ve signed up to this just be reading the headline! I’m a big fan of getting shit done, think big, fail fast and move on. Looking forward to hear some of Becky Simpson’s learnings here. 

LEGO Group and Cartoon Network, Building Future Fans
I believe there’s a lot to be learned from this industry, and hopefully something can be learned from this keynote about telling stories! 

Good Charts: Making Smarter Data Visualisations
Of course data needs to play and important role at an event like this. Discussing the next level within this space is obviously of interest for a lot of people, and then we all ask our selves how can we communicate our data and our findings in an effective and impact full manner.

Less Is More: Curated Consumption
I’m a huge fan of curation and some times I think this is an overlooked tactic, however I believe it’s in the mix of both creatively created and curated content that great stuff happens online.

However I keep coming back to the thought – how can I make sure I’ll get as much inspiration I’m dreaming of? How can I be sure not to miss out on too much great stuff, and how can I meet the coolest and funniest people? I’m still working on it, but I’ll hope it all make sense as soon as I land in Austin. See you at SXSW

Here’s my full schedule