This year I’m joining the jury of the 2016 Digital Communication Awards, taking place in Berlin on September 29th. For me, being a jury member is a true privilege and a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into a myriad of amazing digital projects. I’m looking forward to getting carried away by exemplary strategic thinking, high levels of innovation and creative ways of using today’s technology!

I think there’s a lot to be learned from all the hard work on show across the digital comms world and these Awards allow us to get together and celebrate our achievements. But Awards events tend to focus only on glory and gold. Without a doubt success teaches us many things, but to me failure also plays an important role in our journeys as innovators and I’m particularly curious to know how teams deal with this reality. Let’s not forget failure – it’s still something we should share and learn from. What went wrong and how quickly was the team able to fix it. This kind of thinking is widely applied in the startup scene – because there it’s crucial to fail fast, get back on your feet and apply your learnings to succeed the next time. This approach should also be invaluable in shaping our thinking in the digital space.

The Digital Communication Awards are still accepting submissions, so if you’ve been involved in a digital project that shows unique and forward-looking strategy, creativity and efficiency, send it over! I can’t wait to learn from your successes – as well as from how you overcame those obstacles that cropped up along the way.

“I very much believe in engagement, interaction and collaboration when it comes to digital communication. I’m personally looking forward to seeing true examples of people using these tools alongside today’s technology to innovate and inspire.”