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Right from the beach of course!

A few weeks ago I returned from a three week business retreat, Project Getaway, in Mauritius. If you are not sure where Mauritius is - it’s an island located off the coast of East Africa. This was an enlightening experience and gave me much more inspiration than I’m even capable of putting down in words. But I am going to try!

On a dark and cold winter day a friend of mine recommended Project Getaway to me and I decided to submit the application, not really knowing what to expect. After a Skype call with the Project Getaway team it all grew on me and when I recieved the email that I had been accepted, there was no looking back.

My business goal has for a long time been to become a leading digital strategist on an international level. And one of the reasons I became interested in attending the Project Getaway experience is because I have a strong desire to build and strengthen my global network. And luckily the participants at Project Getaway came from near and far: Canada, United States, Australia, Mauritius, Brazil, and Germany.

The greatest take-away from this business retreat and co-working experience was that I had the opportunity to learn from 15 other participants whose work varied vastly from my own. Discussions took place on a daily basis that included insight from developers, designers, social media consultants, film producers, and authors. It was fascinating to talk about topics in business and hear a wide variety of viewpoints and learn from these experts, most of which rarely agreed with me – what a privilege!

Of course, I added to the discussion and kept everyone abreast of what is happening in the world of digital strategy. One of my “missions” as a digital strategist is to show the complexity of digital and what it takes to develop a great digital strategy. There’s never a quick fix and it’s hard work, just like everything else! I was also able to work on my own business, understand other viewpoints, engage in problem solving, create awesome stuff, make friends, and make mistakes. The best part about of being stuck on an island with these amazing people was that we could quickly “fix” something by pulling from the expertise and talents of others.

If you are an entrepreneur or just an adventurous person who wants to grow your business, I’m encouraging you to invest in your business, take some time away, and go somewhere new. Spend time with people you don’t know and don’t agree with. Take time to reflect, gather your thoughts, and surround yourself with people who have ideas and who challenge your thoughts. It’s important that you leave your desk and your comfort zone – so you can actually grow your global network. That was what I did!

There are many business retreats and digital nomad experiences available around the world. Ask your existing network for recommendations and do some “Googling”. Your business will thank you for it, I promise!

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