dm_digitalcopenhagen-2017_bannere_v5_stine_1080x1080Thursday the 16th of November I gave a talk about the future of AR at The Digital Copenhagen Conference. In that regard I’ve collected a lot of articles, apps, videos and podcasts and I have listed it all below:

Engadget: Google’s AR ambitions push VR to the back seat

The European Commission - Futurium: Next Generation Internet

Foundry: VR? AR? MR? Sorry, I’m confused.

How Stuff Works: How Augmented Reality Works

Twitter: Made with AR Kit

PTC: The Future of Augmented Reality

O’Reilly Radar: Steve Ghee on the Future of Augmented Reality

Techcrunch: Augmented reality’s promise

Everything VR & AR 

a16z Podcast: Virtual & Augmented Reality

AirMeasure – AR Tape & Ruler 

Trixi Studios

Tracking in Unprepared Environments for Augmented Reality Systems