jacob og Stine book


A couple of months ago Jacob Bøtter and I started drafting a potential book. A draft based on a shared frustration with how non-startups approached new digital technology. Today we have now managed to deal with our frustrations and turn that energy into the first chapters of our book and actually launch a Kickstarter campaign.

During this process we decided to keep it entirely independent, meaning we don’t want any editors to tell us what to write, when to publish, where to distribute it and so on. It also means that we founded our own publishing company: Fat Cat Press ApS and we’re literally doing everything ourselves. So besides writing the book, we’re also dealing with a lot of other things. To me – that’s extremely exciting, and I’m happy we’re trying to challenge some of the traditional ways of writing and publishing a book by practicing what we preach.

We wish to ignite curiosity
Our idea is that we want the book to be extremely easy to read. We don’t want it to be one of those long business books that you’ve never opened, but one of those simple ones that you actually finish reading. We’re doing this by splitting the quite short book into almost a hundred chapters, making it much easier to read, but also a bit more difficult to write.

We want to ignite curiosity and inspire the reader to build something. Where most books on digital transformation just leave you with some nice ideas and new words for your next PowerPoint, we want this one to inspire you to start doing something.

I’ll be sharing way more updates as we progress. First, you can go check out our Kickstarter campaign below.