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Maldives – From a Backpacker’s Perspective

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On the first page of Lonely Planet Maldives, it says: “Fully independent travellers are a rare species but, with good planning and some decent financial lubrication this is an equally possible way to travel!”. Oh well, that sounds doable – and in many ways, it was. Don’t let the five-star resort reputation put you off – an authentic experience is certainly possible on the islands by staying with local families or at guesthouses. So here are some learnings from our independent Maldives adventure:

Remember to plan ahead
We discovered that you can fly from Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka to Male, the Maldivian capital, from around 120 USD, with the flight taking about an 1 hour and 20 min. But don’t arrive on Fridays! There is no public transportation, most things are closed and you’ll be stuck in the city for the day. (NB Resorts aren’t closed on Fridays, but if you are looking to stay in one of those, this post isn’t relevant for you anyway). Staying a night in Male is not a bad thing, you just need to be prepared to do so and ready to take advantage of your time. One of the most remarkable things in Male is the fish market and surrounding food stalls. The smell, the sound and the vibrations from the crowds of people selling and buying is a fantastic introduction to the staple industry of the islands.


Local transportation, local sights, local culture
Transferring from Male to one of the amazing islands can be expensive and take a long time. I recommend looking out for the local ferry – a so-called Dhoni. At around 20 USD instead of 500-800 USD for a private speed boat, it’s the most economical way to get around. The good thing about the public ferry is the possibility to see much more of the Maldives and enjoy the beautiful islands and the sea at the same time.


When leaving the safe world of the resorts where Western behaviours are the norm, you have to keep in mind that staying on a local island involves respecting the strict Muslim code of conduct. This means that female travellers should swim fully covered, unless on one of the deserted islands, and be aware of male attention and approaches. Alcohol is not allowed outside of the resorts, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your evenings in other ways. Don’t try to buy anything on the black market – you’ll most likely be fooled!

You won’t find much wifi either, but buying a local sim card can help you a little. To our great surprise, they had a shop for this on the island we stayed at!

Things to do in the Maldives
Most activities on the islands revolve around the sea. My favourite thing was to simply admire the azure blue ocean and the magic white sand. Go for a stroll and collect beautiful seashells; the shores are full of great discoveries. Just remember you’re not allowed to bring them home with you.


Go diving or snorkelling, we did both. Since the wildlife in the sea is so rich, we enjoyed both activities equally and saw plenty of corals, turtles, rays etc. We also enjoyed a night snorkelling trip. It was actually my first time ever out in thesea swimming at night, it was scary in many ways! The sea life changes dramatically; some corals open up, fish go hunting and the plankton is magically glowing in the dark.


Bring your camera: there are amazing opportunities for great outdoor photography on the small islands and by the beaches. Equally if you have a GoPro or any other underwater camera, you can capture magical footage under the surface too. See some of my shoots here




Simple and tasty food
The local food is amazing, and staying in a village gives you a unique opportunity to taste great home-cooked food.

The world famous Maldivian tuna is an experience in itself and appears frequently in the native dishes. My personal favourite dish was the breakfast called “mas hunk” which consists of fish, rice, coconut, and onions. Simple and yet very tasty due to the freshness of the fish.


Don’t be a tourist – be a traveller!
When I was travelling in 2014 I met another backpacker and I remember discussing with them how important it was to stay a traveller and not become a tourist! To me, the Maldives is a great example of this; a tourist would do the obvious, expensive and easy thing – go straight to a resort. A traveller will take the challenge defined by Lonely Planet above and try somewhere different and that I can fully recommend – just keep in mind that open minds lead to open doors and exploring is not supposed to be too easy!


See a collection of my pictures from Maldives here

Tech Conferences in 2016

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While reflecting on all the great input from the Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, I sort of felt that 2016 should be my year of conferences ( and travels).  So I’ve looked around and I found a few conferences around the world that I want to look out for next year – and I’ve already have tickets for a few of them. YAY!

SXSW Interactive in US – Austin
South By Southwest is probably the ultimate tech conference to visit. I’ve never been there yet, but I just purchased my Interactive Badge and my flight to Texas. This year SXSW Interactive is taking place from the 11th to 15th of March 2016, can’t wait to go.

Collision in US – New Orleans
Collision is part of the “Web Summit Family” and is dealing with the tech/ start up world with a focused on the American market. It’s taking place 26th to 28th of April 2016. Here I’m also planning to go, and as a bonus the famous Jazz Festival in New Orleans is happening at the same time:  #win

Rise in Hong Kong
Here the team from the Web Summit is also behind this conference, again to focus on the Asian tech industry. I have never been to this part of the world for a tech conference, but I’m very curious to explore this. It’s happening from 31st of May to 2nd of June 2016.

Re:Publica in Germany – Berlin
I’ve visited this conference back in 2013 and it still remains as one of my favourite conferences – I’ve blogged about it back then – great stuff was going on in 2013. I hope I can make it to Berlin in 2016 again.

The Next Web in Holland – Amsterdam
Not so much information is out there yet, but I don’t think TNW will disappoint this time either. TNW is going down in Amsterdam on the 26th – 27th of May 2016, keep an eye out for further announcements.

Web Summit in Portugal – Lisbon
Since the Web Summit in 2015 inspired me to write this blog post, I’m definitely considering going to Lisbon in November and get a good dose of inspiration and hang out with great people. I guess more information will be available later in 2016.  

These tech conferences listed above are only the ones I’m considering attending. While researching I found two great lists of conferences one covering Q1 2016 and one with more than 160 digital conferences listed around the world. And I’m pretty sure there are many more out there. Actually it’s interesting to see how big and popular these conferences have become within recent years. I’m looking forward to check out a few of them in 2016.

Notes from the Web Summit 2015

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2015-11-03 13.55.11

So many talks, so many great people, so much FOMO in one place – here’s some of my notes that I took during the sessions and I’m pretty sure I missed something but here’s what I have…

Future of print?
There were a few talks dealing with the media / publishing landscape and what I’ve picked up here was that things are starting to get very interesting when it comes to digital integration and implementation in this field.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.55.47Thanks to @donie for permission to use this photo.

Stephen Hills from Washington Post shared some great insights from their work on their digital strategy and how they managed to both increase physical and online sales by being dedicated to digital and fully present on all platforms, optimised for all formats!

Here’s an interview from the Web Summit with Stephen Hills :

Not first – but right!

Andrew Morse Head of digital at CNN said: “It’s not about being first, it’s about being right”. When it comes to news I really think this is crucial! Content travels fast and we have seen so many examples of how false information can be really damaging. In order for media outlets to keep their legacy to operate they should not be carried away about the speed of social media but make sure to get it right and distribute news in a timely way.

“We’re not a social network” that was the opening remark from Tim Kendall, General Manager at Pinterest. First of all thank you for correcting me, I admit I’ve got it wrong – sorry about that. Instead, Tim explained that, Pinterest is more a browsing tool, a market place for inspiration and where you plan your next holiday or look for things to buy. Tim shared some great numbers, and the good news is that it’s starting to pick up now in Europe too. After his talk I’ve noted down: “I need to get back to my profile and be more active on Pinterest” therefore I’m working on this little board.

Cyber Crime
This topic was for sure way out of my comfort zone, however I was very in intrigued by Mary Aiken’s talk about Cyber Security and understanding cyber criminals. She said two things that caught my interest. First she said:  “Hacking is an emotion” and to me that way of putting it makes a lot of sense – a more humanistic approach towards such could easily help us understand this better. Secondly she advocated for the need to establish a way of measuring hackers intelligence. She called it: TQ – Technology Quotient, this in order to get a better understanding of hackers and their Intelligence and their needs! Measuring intelligence has helped people out before and therefore this insight into their skills could probably also provide ways to stimulate this intelligence make sure it’s used for innovation rather than something criminal.

Change the ratio…
I’m absolutely in love with this concept of making 10.000 tickets available for female geeks! I was present at this years Web Summit and it’s true, it could be great if the ration could change just slightly… And to be honest I have been nominating geeks as crazy – all I can say is THANKS for supporting more women in tech!

My First Web Summit – Yearh!

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There’s no such thing as being super excited about going to a conference… Actually, I attend a few conferences throughout the year, but some how this one seems to tricker my inner digital geek.

In pure excitement I have plowed through the Web Summit Programme and here’s the keynotes that I’ve in particular find interesting and why:

Read all about it: the future of print
In my time as a consultant we discussed this topic over and over again and we’ve tried to come up with an answer. We’re certain that print is going through some massive changes but I still think this area aren’t going through a revolution but we’re just part of an evolution of the media landscape in general – print will survive just not in the format that we are used to. Video didn’t kill the radio star, right! ( another keynote is elaborating of the future of books: “Digital Literature and the future of books” – might be interesting too)

Where’s social content going…
Indeed a very good question, every day I deal with content marketing and social data and putting these two things together is not new so I’m excited to see what they want to share.

Digital is the new normal
Sounds like something I’m preaching everyday, and for the audience attending the web summit it must be familiar too. What’s interesting here is how will we make the rest of our surroundings understand and adapt accordingly?

Having fun, doing good, changing the world
Oh yes, that’s why I get out of bed every morning, to me this sentence is essential to some of the mechanisms driving change in general. I hope this talk will share thoughts on how ( and not so much on the why).

The age of user-generated storytelling
I wish, that soon all the digital interactions that I’m part of creating will be based on what my audience have expressed a need for and that every interaction will be customised towards their needs. This is important because we must as content creators stay relevant and create best practice for digital engagement.

Design and UX for health and wellness
Does this area need it’s own UX methods? I’m not sure but I’m curios to hear if it’s the case. To me UX and design is crucial  no matter what professional area you’re operating in but perhaps they have some healthy insights that I can learn from…

I believe that a great deal of future awesomeness is going to have some kind of digital and social footprint, and therefore I also look very much forward to get inspired, learn something new, meet kick-ass people and bring home a lot of stuff I can use in my daily work. Let the best tech conference on the planet begin ( according to the Web Summit itself)!



Samsø a little beautiful piece of Denmark

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Samsø is a small island located in Kattegat, the island is 100% CO2 neutral and focuses a lot on renewable energy and organic farming. The most famous products from Samsø are their potatoes and strawberries which I buy every year when season starts. I recently went to Samsø for a long weekend – here’s how it looked like.

IMG_6855         IMG_6857

IMG_6852         IMG_6862

You can take the ferry from either Jutland or Sealand and it only takes around an hour to cross and luckily the sea was very calm when we crossed – and you can actually be fortunate to see Harbour Porpoise ( on of the smallest kind of whales in the world) we saw at least 5 – however they were so small so I didn’t manage to get a proper picture of them.

IMG_6941         IMG_6947

At samsø we stayed in a village called Pillemark – the attraction of this place was the local vegtable/fruit stand – these stands are characterised by being unmanned and it’s self-service only. You have to leave your money in a little cashbox – and yes you can easily steal stuff – but nobody does that and this is actually exactly what I find very fascinating. A lot of foreigners think this is a very wired thing that the stand owners actually trust their customers so much and it’s fine for them to take what ever they want and further leave the right amount of money. Gotta love it.


Samsø offers many things and activities for tourists that I won’t cover here but I want to highlight two things – restaurants and crafts. In general the island offers a lot of great restaurants that really benefits from all the local organic farms. We had lunch at SAK, and the menu very much reflected what’s available on the island right now. It’s fish/meat and locally grown vegetables. At SAK we tried the steak tatar, and the mussels it was tasty and fresh but yet simple.



For dinner we went to Vadstrup 1771, a very historical place beautifully surrounded by golden cornfields. Again a very simple concept based on few ,but local ingredients – the highlight was indeed the dessert – Peach Melba with salty caramel and vanilla creme.





At Vadstrup 1771 Christel Thue has her ceramic studio, and we met up with her to buy some of her beautiful ceramic plates that she made while staying on Samsø. You can see much more of her unique work on her Instagram profile and she also just opened a webshop.


ceramic plates

More pictures from my trip can be found here


Safari – here’s my 9 tips

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A friend and I we discovered that Turkish Airlines offered really cheap tickets to Kenya/Nairobi from Denmark/Copenhagen, and within a week or so we decided to buy 2 tickets and then plan the rest afterwards.So with the tickets in our hands we opened pandoras box of opportunities for things to do in Kenya and Tanzania, to be honest there’re overwhelmingly many options.



We decided to go for a 4 day safari trip and then relaxing 6 days on Zanzibar. Since I’ve only been on a one day safari trip in Sri Lanka, I was pretty much clueless about planning such, and thank god for online reviews and Google. So here’s my 9 tips and tricks!

Who to go with?
First of all we gathered a lot of quotes from different tour operators, and since it was low (long rain) season ( March, April and May) the operators were able to give some good offers on lodges and such. We ended up buying our Safari trip with Sunny Safari, and they were very helpful, and patiently answered all our questions.

Sharing the ride?
We decided to have our own car, and I’m very happy we did that, to us it looked so uncomfortable to be more than 2 in the car. We didn’t had to discuss wether we wanted to stay for another 20 min in case we would be lucky enough to see the leopard go hunt, or stay and stare at the lion cubs playing around in the grass. To us it was a great privilege to be on our own, but on the other hand it also influences the price.



Pop up roof…
To us this was that most important thing, and since we stood up there and looked out for 4 full days we really took advantage of this! You really get to see much more up there and scouting for animals is much more fun!

Bring binoculars!
We shared one, but next time I want my own that’s for sure – and bring a good one, actually the biggest you can carry.

You’ll ask questions!
So make sure to bring a book about the animals, you can buy books that describes the wildlife in each National Parc, so in our case we should have bought a book about Serengeti National Parc. When cruising around you see so many things you have never seen before, and you ask more questions than your guide can answer ( which is absolutely fine, therefore a book would be a great supplement for all your curiosity.) And since wifi is a little scarce, analog tools are much appreciated.


I’ve brought my Canon G15 Powershot, which takes amazing pictures - take a look here. But for shooting the beautiful leopard and the Rhino that we saw from a distance, I needed a bigger lens so badly! So bring one if you can! This picture below is actually taken through the binoculars – I had to be creative in order to capture this beauty! However it’s far from optimal, I know!



What to wear?
You see tons of people wearing full safari gear – it looks sort of good, but honestly not necessary, you sit in the car most of the time, so you’re not really out in any situations where a full blown safari suit will do any difference, wear something that’s comfortable and in layers since it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.

The route
It was very difficult for us to chose which national parcs we should visit, and it also depends on the season, entrance fees ect. But we ended up going to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ngorongoro Crater. If I could change it, looking back, I would have skipped Lake Manyara and taken an extra day in Serengeti National Parc, but then again it would also impact on the price significantly. But there’s just more to see and Serengeti is without doubt the place to be.

This is the view over the crater.


Low/short rain/long rain/high season
We knew that in May it was long rain and low season, so we were prepared for rain, but luckily it only rained one night, and it was cloudy in the early morning. The grass wasn’t that high yet but the animals were good at hiding anyways. Probably the best thing about this season was that the amount of people out there was very limited! At some point I felt it was crowded, but then I was told that in the high season, you could wait up to 2 hours to have your paper work done before entering Serengeti, further there would be more than 40 cars pulling up in front of the lions, and each car would have 3 minutes and then you would have to move on.


This picture, I took because I thought 6 cars was a lot, but comparing it to how it would be in the high season, this is absolutely nothing! And to me it’s reason enough to always consider low season. And as our guide Khalifa said, there’s never a bad time for a game drive in Serengeti!

This was what we all we’re looking at:


See more pictures on Flickr or follow along on Instagram

What recently inspired me

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Lately I have come across some interesting readings that I actually just wanted to share:

Do we need a digital strategy, or is it enough with some more digital native people? This article questions wether we need more strategy or more skilled people, personally I don’t think one excludes the other, however more skilled people would actually then mean that someone can make the strategy happen  Read this article from Techcrunch

“As this future unfolds, much of today’s infrastructure to provide and support information transfer proxies will rapidly become irrelevant” a little reflection about the digital future:  HBR article 

Want to be social in a B2B world? Perhaps this new report can inspire and bring some insights: Report on Social Media’s 200 Top B2B Companies

Being creative is not an easy task, perhaps  these TED videos can at least spark the thinking – it did for me: Watch here


Tokyo – amazingness overload

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I arrived in Tokyo just in time for the famous SAKURA to show it’s power and I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of these cherry trees. But it was not only the trees, it was also all the Japanese people that was going nuts about this – and combining these two things you get something very special. And I’m excited that I got to experience this.


Forgetting the unforgettable cherry trees for a moment – I must admit that Tokyo in itself is such a divine city. In my mind NYC has always been a place where you would go to seek the hipsters,  crazy urban life, street fashion and have amazing food. But then I went to Japan and I changed my mind, Tokyo is the number 1 place to find such – actually just ten times more amazing than NYC. I can’t understand why no one hasn’t tried to convince me to go visit before, I actually feel that I have be blind or ignorant the whole time – why didn’t anybody force me to go to Tokyo!


Even the skyline surpasses anything that I have seen before, and it just continues on into the horizon. Another thing that strikes me about Tokyo is the level of quality, efficiency and friendliness.

I have now travelled to more than 45 countries and I have never been a place where all these 3 things came together so beautifully. It’s difficult to put words on such, and I can only encourage you to go experience this on your own.

Strange enough I think that Japan is so different from the rest of Asia, they way they behave, how aware they are of quality and also that honesty is something they put above everything else. I’m sure that the resent 50 years of economical growth has had its positive influence on this, however it’s just so remarkable.




Oh well, now I’ve been here, and I’m counting the days until I’ll  get a change to go back again – hopefully I’ll then have time to visit more of Japan.

A little inspiration for great places to go in Tokyo

Fuglen Tokyo
Tapas Molecular Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Osteria Bar – Ri.Carica
Tight – Bar



 Wonders of Galapagos

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Galapagos has for many years been my absolute favourite place I’ve travelled to, (only surpassed by Antarctica) and there are so many reasons why this is an experience of a life time.

When preparing for the trip you realise there are so many islands to visit, each very different from the others, cruises to go on, endemic animals to see, and not to mention diving and snorkelling options! I have in this post highlighted some of my greatest experiences during my two week stay there.

Scuba Diving at San Cristóbal Island
We arrived a couple of days before our planned cruise at San Cristobal and that gave us time to explore at least one of the eight islands of Galapagos a little further. We hocked up with a diving centre, and they took us out to some great spots. I guess it’s not hard to find amazing dive spots here, the diversity of the marine life is simply making this a paradise for divers. I can only agree on this, it is absolutely astonishing and there’s no excuse not to do this.



The gigantic tortoises Turtles
When we went there, the legendary “Lonesome Geroge” was still alive and it was my first encounter with such animals, later at our stay we went out with a local who took us searching for those living in the wild – and OH-MY that experience was even more exhilarating! Those giants out there, I have never seen anything like that before. Actually they are the biggest ones in the world, and the island is named after them too.



The Sea Lions
I have seen those cute ones before, hundreds of times – but I never been so close to them, and I have never played with them in the water while snorkelling, again I felt so privileged that nature could come so close to me and them not being bothered by my presence. I honestly think this is one of the fewest places in the world you can go to experience this (also Antarctica of course).




Perfect place for wildlife photography
Since you can get so incredible close to the wildlife both in the sea and on land, and the fact there are so many endemic species – this makes Galapagos a very unique place for your travel footage. The Marine Iguanas, the Waved Albatross, Blue Footed Boobies, Tortoises, Flamingoes, The Galapagos Penguin and the Rainbow coloured crabs – just to mention some!



You can see some of my photos on my Flickr profile

If you consider going to keep in mind it can be rather expensive. Therefore I suggest you take a look at this blog post from some fellow travellers I’ve met in Argentina 2014 they have explored who you can go there on a budget.


Skal din social medie strategi udfordres?

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Jeg leder efter en sej case, som jeg kan bruge til min undervisning omkring sociale medier. Helt konkret skal jeg bruge en virksomhed, som lige netop står og skal til at lægge retningen for deres fremtidige digitale tilstedeværelse og som gerne vil udfordres og hjælpes på vej af mine studerende og jeg.

Jeg forventer, at I kan komme til mit undervisning den 1. december på Østerbro, og fremlægge jeres udfordringer, fortælle om jeres forretning, målgrupper, digital tilstedværelse og ambitioner. Dette skal ikke vare mere end en time inklusiv spørgsmål fra de studenrende. Dernæst skal man komme igen den 18. december for at høre de studerenes fremlæggelsen af den strategi vi har brugt tre uger på at udarbejde.

Man kan læse mere om selve kurset her og send mig rigtig gerne en mail på eller ring på 30832758 hvis det kunne være interessant.

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