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I’m going traveling again!

September 13, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

WUHA! Just got a ticket for my next big journey – this time I’m going by bike and the destination is not very far – it’s actually just 5 kilometres from where I live – more specific in Valby! But the place where I’m going to hang out is beyond what any travel agency can

Quick, quicker, quickest!

August 21, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I attended #komfosummit and there was one little tiny thing that inspired me. This man mentioned that little thing. David Schneider had a kick ass keynote about twitter – very entertaining! He showcased tons of great tweets and campaigns and all they had in common was timing, timing and humour. However he said one very

The Magical Dessert in Bolivia

August 14, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

For 3 days you only drive on dirt roads, you only see few locals but a whole bunch of other tourists, you don’t shower for 3 days, but Salar de Uyuni is indeed a superb nature experience. Don’t miss it for anything in the world if you are in the ‘area’. The dessert and the

Dos and Don’ts in Latin America

August 4, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Along my travels I collected some dos and don’ts and just wanted to share them, because it’s basically a wrap up of what I’ve learned the last seven months! DOS Go to Antarctica – also if it kills your budget. Just do it.   Sleep on the beach – the stars are incredible and the

Hey Friends – App-Me-Up!

December 4, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

I’m searching for outdoor and travel related apps for my coming trip around the world. You have probably seen 100’s of lists of different apps for different purposes and those lists are always a good source to inspiration, but I doubt that they all have been tested properly or even tested at all. So I

2013-11-04 20.18.14

Wuha I’m going traveling

November 5, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

In exactly 50 days I’ll leave Copenhagen to go travel for 197 days. For now I have made some rough plans and bought a couple of flight tickets. The next eight weeks I’ll spend much of my time planning the next 7 months. Firstly I’ll go to London to visit my travel mate Sarah Danby.

Let’s network IRL

June 7, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

Photos by Sara Kring My own photo.   On June 6th I attended a networking event held by Ladies First at The Hub in Copenhagen. Great place and amazing ladies. At this event Sussi Bianco shared 10 great tips about networking: (I translated them) 1 Make sure to tell the world what you know 2 Have

Re:publica part III

May 9, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

I must say that his amazing conference offered great inspiration. The most mind blowing was a speak about ‘Cyborgs’,  Neil Harbisson who is a so called  visual artist and founder of the Cyborg Foundation talked about his life as a cyborg and about how he hear colors. According to Wikipedia a cyborg is: A cyborg, short for “cybernetic organism”, is

Re:publica part II

May 7, 2013   -   1 comment   -  

This conference is absolutely amazing. I’m impressed by how visionary and idealistic people are when it comes to our digital society. I think all the speakers I listened to at least said something like “Let’s free some data”, “let’s be disruptive”, “let’s believe in a pure digital future” and “let’s take the Internet back”. I

I need a fix of digital inspiration

April 25, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

The 6th and 7th of May I will be in Berlin attending the Re:publica 13 conference. Yay. It will be my first time there. But just looking at the location, I think it’s going to be absolutely amazing. This year Re:publica 13  will be dealing with the digital society IN/SIDE/OUT. The 3 day program contains speakers from The Open Knowledge Foundation,

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